Every Landscape starts with a Linescape...

LineScape is an initiative which organizes and hosts drawing and graphics workshops specifically for landscape architects, designers and planners. LineScape was founded in 2007 by Prof. Dr. Sabrina Wilk, who heads the department in Architectural Graphics, Drawing and Visualisation at the University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

The day-to-day landscape architecture practice often leaves little time to expand upon the basic graphic principles learnt at university or to learn new programs or just try out tricks and new ideas. LineScape offers extra-curricular workshops both as part of a landscape architecture studies and as continuing professional development for professionals.

LineScape wants to ensure that even in a digital age, there are always high-quality workshops and courses on offer for landscape architects, landscape gardeners and contractors, and anyone who wants to develop or maintain their manual and digital representation skills.

Workshops and courses are short, intense and always lots of fun. All courses are taught by professional practitioners and are often part of conferences and seminars offered by the BDLA (Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten), the DGGL (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Gartenkunst & Landschaftskultur) and the DEULA Akademie Landschaftsbau (ALW). New courses can also be offered independent of external institutions.

An overview of LineScape's courses and results can be seen on this website. If you have any enquiries regarding upcoming courses, have suggestions or would like to request a special workshop for your group, please don't hesitate to get in touch at info(at)linescape.de. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Thank you to my course participants and everyone at the Akademie Landschaftsbau Weihenstephan (ALW) for taking part in my garden design seminars in January. They were a great success and lot fun!

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**New courses in Italy are being offered for 2017**

For more information and dates, click on the main page of the German version of the website (Über LineScape)

or email me at info(at)linescape.de


The second edition of my book is finished. It is full of instructional and inspirational images, including some wonderful new pictures from professional landscape architects and illustrators. Thanks so much to all who contributed and who strive to keep the wonderful expressive act of drawing alive and well...

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